Creating a brand

(corporate style)

The creation of a brand (corporate or corporate style), as an idea, arose at the beginning of the XX century, when the number of companies working in one sphere began to grow steadily. There was a problem recognizing the company in relation to others. Now it's hard to imagine any company without logo, slogan and other modern attributes of corporate style.

If your firm has a problem of cognition, you do not have your own corporate style, you are not satisfied with the old one, or you want to make rebranding - our section of the brand - just for you!

The main task that we face is to make your brand a recognizable consumer, in order to be profitable to differentiate your competitors from your business.
Creating a brand Pushkareff Production

Basic stepsto create a brand

Definition of the basic idea of the brand
At this stage, we collect information about the target audience of your brand, analyze the situation around the brand, collect and study information about companies working in the same area (potential competitors). Having defined the main idea or brand strategy, we obtain the most accurate source data in order to create the corporate style of your company, which in turn, at the visual and verbal level, will inform the consumer about the core values of your brand.
Development of the concept of corporate style
With the main strategy of the brand on our hands, our designers start creative search for the idea of corporate identity. In the process of search, a lot of interesting graphic images are born, the best of which we present to you. Inexperienced in design people, sometimes it is not easy to decide on the choice of the desired graphic solution for the corporate style. Our employees will help you choose exactly the solution that will most clearly reflect the values of your brand!
Development of the image of the corporate style
After final approval of the image of the corporate style, we proceed to a detailed drawing of the concept of corporate style. Particular attention is paid to the possibility of using the corporate style on different media - from the firewall and billboard to drawing on ballpoint pens and badges.
Create a brandbook
Brandbook, guideplate, design standards - a specially designed for corporate identity guide on its use. Brandbook is the main guide, describes in the most detail all the situations of use of the corporate style and indicates how exactly this should be done. The preparation of the brandbook includes the following: explanations concerning the use of color and graphic elements of corporate style, a description of the importance of the correlation of the corporate style with its positioning on the market, guidance required for quality and meets the requirements of the work of manufacturers of souvenir, advertising, printing and other products, Recommendations on the use of all branded elements used in the development of advertising ideas.
Brandbook is a "desktop book" for designers, advertisers, and publishers. The presence of strict rules and requirements for the design of advertising, souvenir, graphic and other products of the company allows you to more accurately predict the amount of work required and their cost, optimize all financial expenses of your company, aimed at developing layouts, reduce the timing of accepting design layouts, minimize the time to develop Layouts, including the creation or selection of individual color and graphic elements.

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Perfectly developed corporate style, gives the company the opportunity to take and hold the leading positions in the market, as well as significantly increase the demand of consumers for the products of your company. The only style of designing goods and promotional materials positively affects the perception of the consumer, allows you to associate the products they want with your company, and as a result - to make a choice in your favor!

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