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We offer you to fill in a brief for site development. We value both your time and ours. The more detailed you answer the question, the more productive our cooperation with you will be. We wish you good luck!

Our studio is committed to ensuring that commercial information obtained in the preparation and implementation of the project is confidential and not subject to disclosure or transfer to third parties.

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What do you want to order?
The cost of site development includes an electronic manual for working with the site management system, which will make your work with content even easier and more comfortable.
Site functionality:
The cost of site development includes assistance in purchasing a domain name, advice on choosing a reliable and fast hosting, hosting the site, and warranty service.
The cost of site development also includes the development of an email template, which will come from your site to your mail, and which will be made in the colors and design of the future site.
Website design:
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Site mood:
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Fill the finished site with content:
All sites developed in our studio are filled with demonstration content for a clearer view. Online stores are filled with several demo products with a demo description.
Filling the site with relevant information, filling online stores with goods, is discussed and paid for separately.
Corporate elements:
Branded colors RGB, CMYK, Pantone
Attach your logo in vector format: (files with the extension .ai .eps .cdr .svg .pdf ), or a brand book, guideline (up to 20mb), if more, specify link to the file sharer in the previous column.
Additional Information:
* Indicate whether or not the price plug in which you are willing to work with developers - your business.
Without specifying it, you can win if the developer mentions the cost below, but you risk not getting what the developer is willing to offer for the money you are actually willing to pay.
By specifying the approximate cost - give the developer the opportunity immediately , not thinking to offer you a solution in the specified price range, saving time for both parties.
In addition, the indication of the price fork does not eliminate the need for the developer to justify the amount he asks for his work.
And finally
All data filled in by me are up-to-date, verified and ready to work.
Noting this point, I confirm that I am authorized to solve all financial issues and am ready to pay for the work done.