“Evince” shop decoration

We finished the exterior decoration of the “Evince” shop. This is a sales outlet for the sale of high purity drinking water. All advertising plots are printed on the self-adhesive film ORACAL.

The kiosk is located in a new shopping center, which is due to open the other day. The task was set to be completed before the opening, and we coped with this task. Also our masters performed professional pasting of all advertising media.

In the design design, we tried to convey the freshness and coolness that purified water provides to the consumer.

Customers liked the design of the kiosk, and we received an order for an advertising campaign for this company. Manufacturing of outdoor advertising and stickers on bottles, which we will tell you a little later.

Kyiv, Ukraine / 01.10.2015
“Evince” shop decoration_ “Evince” shop decoration_1