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Banner “Orel and Reshka”

On September 20, on Sunday, the management of the popular TV program “Orel and Reshka” conducted a competitive selection for the host program. For the photo session, a branded backdrop was urgently needed, against which background applicants will be removed.

At nine in the morning we received an order for the production of this banner. At the beginning of filming (12 pm), the ready banner was delivered to customers. During this time, we drew a logo in the vector, as well as a background image. After approval of the program management, the banner was printed. The material is vinyl. Also, the eyelets were urgently installed.

I especially wanted to note the professionalism and pleasant communication in the leadership of this popular program. Pleased understanding each other with a half-word.

Kyiv, Ukraine / 20.09.2015
Banner “Orel and Reshka”

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