Glory to Ukraine
Death to enemies


On February 24, 2022, early in the morning, I woke up to loud explosions outside my window.

— Get up, we're being bombed! My wife woke up earlier than me, or maybe she didn't go to bed at all, I don't know, I slept in the office because I was finishing a project, and I usually worked until 4 AM. What shall I do? Where to run? I have always been a civilian and had no experience in such situations. But the only thing I knew for sure was that I wasn't going to run away. An enemy has come to my native land, and I must defend it. All that came to mind was to call an acquaintance, Oleksii with the call sign "Cat". He is a military man, maybe he can tell me something.

— Come to Lavrska, we'll see there — he answered me. Having quickly collected myself, I headed on foot from the left side of Dnipro river. The air raid sirens almost does not go off, transport and the subway are not working. I didn't take my car, just in case, my family might need it if we have to evacuate.

I reached my destination place in two hours.

— Do you have combat experience? — asked Cat.

— No, but I learn quickly... Actually, the coolest combat experience I had was in the Soviet army, when I took the oath and held a machine gun in my hands for half an hour, certainly not loaded. I be in the military orchestra in Odessa city as a musician...

— Well, go through, we'll figure it out there, he answered, and that's how I ended up in the 206th battalion of territorial defense in Kyiv. There I really learned quickly, and already in the first hours I could bring 80 packets of water to the kitchen, drag pallets from the yard to the bomb shelter, and go with three other guys on a rented regular city yellow bus to the village to pick up chickens or a humanitarian help.

In a few days, thanks to another friend of mine with the call sign "Svitoch", I could easily connect 380 volts from the giant diesel generator to the switchboard, or run a live cable to the other end of the territory. That's how I "studied" for almost two weeks, until Marusya Zvirobiy visited us in the 206th battalion on business.

— Take us with you! Svitoch said. We began to understand little by little that our "learning" was taking a little longer. Although we have always held the opinion that any work for our victory over the orcs is honorable. But we wanted something else.

In half an hour, I was already sitting in Marusy's car, holding in my hands a brand new one, only from the factory PK machine gun, which was given to me because the armory "ran out of Kalash for today" and was thinking how I would cope with it. Svitoch was left for a few more days to finish something on the electricity.

Looking ahead, I will say that after that I shot different types of weapons, but I would not trade Pokemon for anything, and I am very grateful to that fellow who said that the Kalash was finished and gave me a PK machine gun.

That's how I ended up in the “Marusia's Bears” volunteer battalion, which I will be proud of all my life. Then there was the routine, which I can describe after our Victory.

Finally, russian pigdogs were shamefully expelled from the suburbs of Kyiv, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr, and Sumy. We were offered to join the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in the Assault Battalion, and we submitted reports for admission. But not everyone was taken, including me. Perhaps age still matters too...

I still miss my brothers who are fighting in the hot spots and some of them will never return home.

But I know one thing: we will definitely win, and I and my children will never forgive the fucking russians for this. Never and under no circumstances. And my grandchildren will not know what russia is at all, because by then it will no longer exist.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!

Kyiv, Ukraine, 24. 02 / 04.04.2022

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