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Confectionery shop Decoration

We are received an order for the design of the confectionery kiosk. The customer was offered options for design, colors, name and logo of the outlet.

After examining the color range of the nearby stalls, we concluded that it would be most advantageous to watch this outlet in white with accent purple and golden colors. Minimalist design and light colors cause light and air associations. Cream with whipped cream on a large and surprisingly tasty multi-tiered cake.

Signboard and banners near the road are printed on banner fabric (vinyl) with eyelets, stickers on the windows of showcases — ORACAL 640.

According to the tradition in our studio, we developed design layouts for one day . If you have any questions, or you want to transform your outlet — contact us. We will do everything in the best possible way, quickly and easily, as is the design of the confectionery kiosk.

Kyiv, Ukraine / 10.04.2016
Confectionery shop Decoration

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