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Eurobooklet “Holy Land”

Developed a design and printed Eurobooklet “Holy Land” cosmetics. As a rule, there were not abnormal situations.

Customers asked to post information about the products that the Israeli firm Holy Land produces. In the technical task was a mandatory condition — to create a printed format, either a flyer or a booklet. It was necessary to advertise 30 products, with a photo and description. We offered an eurobook with three folds. This was enough to fit all the information on the pages of the booklet, without shortening the texts, and with the readable size of the photo.

The booklets were developed for the upcoming exhibition, which will be held the other day at the International Exhibition Center, where Holy Land will present its products at a large stand, whose design we also developed, and present it in the next publication.

Kyiv, Ukraine / 10.09.2016
Eurobooklet “Holy Land”

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