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Eurobooklet “Healthy Life”

Eurobooklet “Healthy Life” — we are developed design layout and printed. As always in record time. The customer needed “for yesterday”. The whole process in our studio took only one day. We will continue to try to keep this brand.

Of the features of the project — as usual it was necessary to contain a maximum of information on the minimum of the advertising space. In such cases condensedfonts are very suitable. You can safely, without changing the size of the peg to accommodate much more information than the usual font. There are a lot of tricks in the layout that we use, and which allow us to create a beautiful and informative design of printed products. The color scheme is made in corporate style of the company.

We will be glad to see you as a regular customer of our studio!

Kyiv, Ukraine / 30.03.2016
Eurobooklet “Healthy Life”

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