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“Evince” water label

Label for water “Evince” — the third part of the advertising campaign of purified water "Evince". Designed and printed a print of labels on a bottle of 18.9 liters. The circulation is printed on ORACAL with subsequent plotter cutting.

Labels are cut out on the contour using a plotter, which greatly facilitates the further process of pasting bottles.

Our design studio offers you the services of manufacturing various stickers on a self-adhesive film. Using the plotter, you can cut out almost any shape of the sticker. A high-quality, high-resolution printingwill give the product a glossy photo look.

We can also offer laminating stickersservice for maximum protection of the printed layer.

If you have any questions — please contact us, and our managers will give you professional advice on all aspects of your interest.

Kyiv, Ukraine / 03.10.2015
“Evince” water label

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