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Faraon store banners

Banners for the Faraon store were designed and printed. The store specializes in selling fur products.

The task was set to create and print large banners advertising fur products. Among the features of the project, I would like to highlight the fact that the photos of the models were of good quality, but already in compressed jpeg format, which is known to be much more difficult to work with, without loss of quality. But we coped with the task, and the entire complex of works was completed in one day.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to tell our potential customers. If you received photos in incomprehensible formats, such as .cr2, .nef, .r3d, .ptx, do not rush to delete them, because they will not open! For us, these photo formats are what we need for work!

Kyiv, Ukraine / 13.04.2016
Faraon store banners
Faraon store banners

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