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Service station flyer

"Timely and qualitatively" — a slogan of the service station "Pro-STO", for which we have developed an advertising flyer. The flyer design is executed in corporate colors of the company, and contains information about the services, promotions, and coordinates of the advertiser.

Postcards, flyers — an inexpensive and effective way to draw the attention of a wide audience to your product, the action you take. Although 100% of postcards work at about 8-10%, this is quite enough to achieve certain marketing goals.

For our clients — the service stations "Pro-100", we developed a model and printed the circulation of postcards. As time is saying — it's money, at the request of the customer, we developed a model and printed the circulation in just a day.

Kyiv, Ukraine / 15.06.2009
Service station flyer

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