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“L&G Metering” Roll-ups

“L&G Metering” Roll-ups with which we have been cooperating for a long time, we developed and printed in preparation for the international exhibition.

The peculiarity of this project was, as usual, a lack of time, since there were two days left before the exhibition. On the first day, we developed and approved models for five rollups representing the new equipment that the company delivers, three stand mockups showing the operation of this equipment, and a signboard bearing the company logo.

One of the features of our studio, which we favorably differ from our competitors — is the prompt customer service. As a rule, no more than a day passes from the moment of the call to us, until the customer receives the finished, printed product. If you have “burned” deadlines — contact us, and we gladly cooperate with you!

Kyiv, Ukraine / 07.05.2016
“L&G Metering” Roll-ups
“L&G Metering” Roll-ups

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