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Agricultural exhibition banner

We made a banner for the agricultural exhibition of Dutch farmers. We cannot particularly boast of creating a design, because the customer originally sent photos and logos that should have been on this banner.

The problem was that both the background for the banner and the logos were in low resolution, and were not suitable for printing a rather large banner, the size of 2970 by 2480 mm. It was decided to draw all the logos in the vector and conjure over the background. It was originally a 1920x1080 pixel size. As a result, everything turned out perfectly, and customers were satisfied.

Every company owner needs to take care of the availability of a brand book. This will greatly facilitate the work of designers, and significantly reduce the cost of production of any type of advertising for your company. If you do not have a brand book, corporate style, company logo for some reason, please contact us, we will be happy to develop them for your company!

Amsterdam, Netherlands / 28.01.2016
Agricultural exhibition banner

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