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Calendar for the anniversary

The calendar for the anniversary is an excellent gift for a business person. For our regular customers have developed a design and printed the circulation of the jubilee calendar.

All the wishes of the customer were taken into account when creating the calendar design. The basis of the calendar is made of cardboard, the leaflets are made of dense coated paper.

The central idea for the calendar — every month personifies one of the important life events of the hero of the day. As a result, we got a pretty colorful and informative design, which was approved by our customers.

If you are planning to order a calendar for yourself or your company, it is advisable to do this from the autumn. Since creating a calendar is a painstaking and not a fast process. Although all the same, based on experience, calendars are beginning to be ordered in the last week of December.

Kyiv, Ukraine / 25.01.2016
Calendar for the anniversary

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