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Logo “Astoria Development Group”

Logo “Astoria Development Group” was developed for the development company of the same name, as the first part of creating a corporate style and developing a brand.

The customer was offered five variants of the future logo, with a complete description of each. Since the company is engaged in the construction of housing, all the logos were developed in this vein. We took into account all the initial wishes for the color scheme, as well as key points for drawing a logo.

All five variants of the logo have been developed taking into account the use in two languages — Ukrainian and English. We paid special attention to the typography, the layout options for the logo (horizontal and vertical placement), as well as the readability aspect, depending on the size.

As a result, the customer chose the sixth option, which we developed in close cooperation with him. Following the link below, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our work.

Kyiv, Ukraine / 14.09.2016

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