Logo and corporate identity brief

This brief will help us get ready for the job to do the best for you. It depends on how clearly and comprehensively you answer the questions, how quickly we will begin to "speak the same language" to solve the tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The brief is not a technical task and only helps us understand how you see your future corporate identity.

If you find any of the questions in the questionnaire difficult, please contact us for clarification. If you have your own brief - provide it instead of this one, we will clarify the missing information later.

Our studio is committed to ensuring that commercial information obtained in the preparation and implementation of the project is confidential and not subject to disclosure or transfer to third parties.

Marketing block
(Hereinafter in the brief, “product” means a product, service or company.)
1. What?
1.1. What is a product?
1.2. The essence of the brand (the main idea (mission) of the product)?
1.3. Unique selling point (USP) of a product?
Why is it your product (relatively competing) that the consumer wants to buy?
Product positioning (the main difference from the main competitors).
1.4. Three core product values (rational and / or emotional)?
1.5. What are the benefits to the consumer of each of the above values?
2. For whom?
2.1. Which three consumer groups will use your product most often? Who is it for? Describe them by the following parameters or in free form (first of all, describe the largest group - the core of the target audience):
- demography: gender, age, marital status, religion, nationality, etc.
- sociography: social status, education, occupation, monthly income, etc.
- behavior: client authority, degree of product awareness, degree of interest in the product, degree adherence to this product, intensity of consumption, stereotypes of perception / prejudice
- lifestyle and psychological portrait:
- correlation of motivations: rational / emotional.
Important! Avoid cliched and therefore useless descriptions! Describe your consumer as a living person, so that your story can clearly visualize a specific person and his actions.
1 group. Title 1 group. Description In what percentage of the total product consumption does this group consume it?
2 group. Title 2 group. Description In what percentage of the total product consumption does this group consume it?
3 group. Title 3 group. Description
3. For what?
3.1. Why is your product needed by the consumer? What consumer problems does he solve, what makes his life easier?
3.2. When and how will the consumer use your product most often?
3.3. Is your product familiar to the consumer?
Specify other:
4. How?
4.1. Which purchase is your product for the consumer: simple or complex?
Show the chain of consumer action from the desire to buy a product of this category to directly purchase the product.
4.2. In what situation, under what conditions will the consumer most often buy your product?
1st consumer group
2st consumer group
3st consumer group
4.3. Price and status characteristics of your product.
4.4. Why would a consumer want to pay such a price for a product and what product attributes will convince him of the given status of your product?
5. With whom?
5.1. Describe your three main competitors by the following parameters:
- name
- site
- competitor strengths regarding your product/brand
- competitor weaknesses regarding your product/brand
- positioning and USP competitor
- competitor product/brand values
- how long the competitor has been on the market
- share in% of the competitor’s product consumption relative to the total market
1 competitor 2 competitor 3 competitor
6. Where?
6.1. The scale of interest:
6.2. Distribution plan for your product with geographical, temporal and quantitative indicators.
7. What else?
7.1. What else do you think is important for us to know about the product/brand so that our work is more effective?
Design block
8. To what?
8.1 Why do you need a logo and/or corporate identity?
What tasks should development solve?
8.2 Contact points and media.
Where will your logo/corporate identity most often be seen by a consumer?
8.3. What sensations should a visual design have for a consumer? What brand image and character should be formed?
8.4. What criteria will be used to evaluate development effectiveness?
9. Form and content
9.1. Language versions (Cyrillic, Latin, etc.)
9.2. Name (for each language version)
9.3. What visual images reflect the essence of your brand?
9.4. What images and solutions, in your opinion, are unacceptable for use and why?
9.5. What CHARACTER of the logo and style, in your opinion, is preferable for creating the desired image of the brand (restrained, expressive, romantic, masculine, strong-willed, etc.)?
9.6. What type of logo, in your opinion, is preferable for creating the desired brand image? Choose one.
9.7. What STYLE/METHOD of GRAPHIC SOLUTION of the logo, in your opinion, is preferable for creating the desired brand image? Select no more than 5. Form and counterform
Allegory, metaphor
Volume, photorealism
Majesty, aristocracy
Gradients, transparency, blur
Minimalism, conciseness
State motives
Childhood, intentional infantilism
Historicity, mythology
Element system
9.8. What colors (and their quantity), in your opinion, are preferable for creating the desired brand image?
9.9. In production, should your corporate identity be economical or is it permissible to use non-standard design solutions: unusual paper, embossing, punching, stamping, etc.?
9.10. Give examples of logos and styles of other brands that you consider successful in terms of creating the desired brand image and explain why?
9.11. Give examples of logos and styles of other brands that you consider Unsuccessful in terms of creating the desired brand image and explain why?
9.12. What branding media need to be developed?
Other (indicate - what)
9.13. What else do we need to know to clarify the task of developing a corporate identity?
Administrative block
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