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Flower kiosk decoration

Flower kiosk decoration — design of banners, layouts, printing and editing were completed in two working days. In the technical requirements were the wishes to use in the design of the color of burgundy and melted milk, to make a catchy design.

While working on the project, we tried to circumvent the design templatesof similar kiosks. We did not paint on the signboard any beautiful bouquets of flowers (as the customer originally intended). Bouquets of flowers are beautiful in themselves, and in our opinion, they should look good in the window. And the banners on the kiosk are purely informative.

Making a stall with banners is probably the most inexpensive and practical type of outdoor advertising. If you want to nicely design your outlet — please contact us, we will design, print and install!

Kyiv, Ukraine / 25.08.2016
Flower kiosk decoration

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