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New Peelings booklet

Developed and printed a booklet of cosmetics Holy Land. There was a problem with the images of the goods for this booklet. For some reason, manufacturing companies do not always care about the quality positioning of their products. In particular, the products of the Israeli company Holy Land found a big problem. Neither in free, nor in private access. The product photos turned out to be very small resolution, and absolutely not suitable for printing. I had to draw from scratch — tubes, jars with a spray and a box. As a result, we obtained images of the required resolution and quality.

I especially wanted to note the brand managers of this company. It was surprisingly easy and free to work with them, understood each other with a half-word. Very nice and literate girls. We hope that in the future we will have fruitful cooperation. In the meantime, we bring to your attention the result of our work. Pleasant viewing!

Kyiv, Ukraine / 30.08.2016
New Peelings booklet

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