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Promotional stickers

One of the inexpensive and effective ways to attract the buyer's attention to a particular product or group of products. Promotional stickers are made in bright, catchy colors that can be seen from a distance.

Typically, is printed on paper or on an ORACAL 620 film, which can be easily removed after the end of the promotion. In addition to large posters, we also offer promotional price tags. They are made in the same colors, and format A4, or another convenient format for the customer.

As a rule, the term of making such posters — from creating a layout to pasting, in our studio takes only 1 day. In our work we first of all takes into account the wishes and suggestions of our customers.

If you spend the sale of goods, holiday discounts — this type of advertising will be just the way. Please contact our Pushkareff Production design studio, and we will gladly develop a layout for you, print and place promotional stickers in your store!

Kyiv, Ukraine / 13.01.2016
Promotional stickers
Promotional stickers Promotional stickers

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