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«... — I want a bed — a car !!!» What parent will not fulfill the wish of his baby? Moreover, this bed will be original, not like everyone else. We received an order from our partners — a furniture company, to develop a layout design for a baby bed based on the pictures available. We drew a layout in the vector, but in our opinion the original version looked very "toy", and we offered our version, which was approved. Drawing the layout took a whole day, but the result was worth it. In our opinion, it turned out beautifully, which was confirmed by the customer.

The layout is drawn in a vector, where we took into account and traced even the smallest details, such as marking on glasses, block headlights, the texture of tires and brake discs. Since the location of the future bed was planned at the second level, we maximized the height of the car, trying to preserve the beauty of the lines. And in the high raised spoiler there will be shelves. In conclusion, the layout of the machine was printed on a glossy oracal, at the maximum resolution.

If you have a need for an urgent design layout and large-format printing — please contact us with pleasure! Create a layout in a record short time, and immediately print it! We print around the clock, without days off and holidays. Ready products can be delivered to you by taxi service, or if you are in another city — send by New mail.

Kyiv, Ukraine / 29.12.2015

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