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Table Tent for cafe

Table Tent — a type of POS material, an effective way to attract the attention of a visitor to a particular product, because they are placed directly in front of it. A fairly small area can accommodate a lot of bright, useful information. The ideal use of tablets is in bars, cafes, nightclubs. There is a great variety of forms — on the stand, folded and fastened to the punching "lock". Printing usually uses cardboard or thick paper.

Interesting moment — on one Table Tentformat A4 you can place 4 A4 sheets, sealing the two sides. It is very easy to change the plot — it is worthwhile to turn the tibet tent "inside out", and to fasten it back to the "lock".

In this case, we made models for a metal stand holding a Plexiglas Holder. Advertising is located on two sides. The order was completed during the day.

Kyiv, Ukraine / 22.12.2015
Table Tent for cafe

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