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Logo “Anna-realty”

Developed Logo “Anna-realty”. The company provides real estate services in Ukraine and abroad.

The concept of the logo: the symbol of the construction of the pyramid, in which the stylized name of the company — Anna-realty is inscribed. The word Anna in turn seems to resemble the silhouettes of buildings, which are crowned by a triangular roof. The roof, in turn, together with the letters N forms an arrow pointing upwards (where without it in the logo?) — a symbol of the movement forward, progress. If you look at the general plan of the logo, you can also see the letter A, in which the word realty is inscribed. That once again underlines the name of the company — Anna-realty.

Naturally, we made sure that the logo looked equally good, both on small planes (ballpoint pens, flash drives), and on huge firewalls.

Kyiv, Ukraine / 10.10.2016
Logo “Anna-realty”

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